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Internet Business Promoter (IBP) (Complete SEO Solutions)

We may not have given Internet Business Promoter (IBP) our Editor’s Choice award in the “complete SEO solutions” category, but it finished in a very close second place. IBP is a terrific SEO product. And when you combine that with the facts that it always ends up in the top three of every reviewer’s list, it is used by some of the biggest corporations in the world, and it comes with a stunning money-back satisfaction guarantee (first page of the search engine results or your money back!) – you will want to read more about IBP before deciding to buy a competing product.

IBP is in fact a full-featured suite of SEO software products; here are just the highlights.

1. A complete collection of tools for keyword research tools including complete search estimates, evaluations of the competition, plus long-tail and AdWords suggestions keyword suggestions.
2. Tools for finding obtaining and managing high-quality backlinks.
3. Optimizers for inbound links, letting you find the sites which link to competing websites, evaluate them, and use the information in developing an optimal backlinking plan.
4. Social bookmarking submitters, letting you add your links to tons of these important link sources without spamming them.
5. Bulk submitters for both search engine and directories, letting you submit ethically without risking any penalties.
6. Tools to monitor search engine rankings, return on investment, as well as schedulers and other crucial SEO programs.

There are several other factors that almost led us to choose Internet Business Promoter as our top SEO solution: IBP’s free trial that lets you check everything out before you buy it; regular updates to the software (at least once a month, often more frequently); a terrific one-click site evaluator, which gives you a full report of nearly 100 pages, telling you exactly what to do to optimize your site for the search engines; and as previously mentioned, the guarantee that if IBP doesn’t help you rank in the top 10 in your choice of engine – you get a full refund.

There’s no question that IBP seems expensive, particularly if you’re relatively new to website promotion. But it’s in line with the prices of other complete SEO software suites, and we believe you’ll find that it’s well-designed and intuitive enough that you’ll be hard at work almost immediately after downloading.

There are two flavors of IBP: Standard, which is for your own websites – and Professional, for SEO companies or others who would like to provide optimization services for other clients and websites. They’re pretty much the same, except that IBP Pro lets you create detailed and custom reports for your clients. Either way, IBP finishes neck-and-neck with SEO Power Suite; even though we went with SEO Power Suite as our top choice, we really don’t believe you can go wrong either way.

PRO: Excellent modules and performance, professional version less expensive than SEO Power Suite, 1st page guarantee

CON: Functions, features and help files not as complete as SEO Power Suite, top-10 guarantee does have some limitations, doesn’t run on Mac OS X


30 day free trial
Money-back guarantee for front page listings
Standard Version: $249.95 one time purchase
(upgradable to pro version)
Pro Version: $499.95 one time purchase

More specifics and comparison chart

For a free download, CLICK HERE.


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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