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Keyword Elite (Keyword Research)

There are two phrases you can’t get away from, when you read about or research SEO software: backlink strategy, and keyword research. That’s because they’re each crucial to successful search engine marketing campaigns. And the only real way to be successful in doing keyword research is to have a first-rate piece of software; free tools will give you lists of keywords, but very little to help you actually choose the ones to use.

We’ve said in another review that Market Samurai is our editors’ choice in that category. However, it’s important that you keep reading, at least for a bit. Because Keyword Elite, created by SEO and internet marketing guru Brad Callen, is without question a strong keyword tool – while bringing several other very important things to the table as well: a sensational Adwords/PPC component, and a bonus unlike any other.

First, the keyword portion of this SEO software: you select a niche and Keyword Elite goes through all the key search engines to find seemingly-endless lists of keywords in the niche, almost instantaneously. Then, it will look at relevant websites to find you related keywords – and even more impressive, micro-niche keywords as well. And then it will look over the important data and give you a red-yellow-green indicator for the keywords that are both under-saturated keywords and potentially profitable. As we say, perhaps not quite as good as Market Samurai, but quite good nonetheless.

Now, we get to the juicy part, which may very well convince you to go with Keyword Elite instead.

First, the other exclusive modules in this software. For those who are into (or want to get into) PPC/Adwords, there’s a “real time sniper” and a “time machine” to check out your Adwords competition and see what keywords make (or lose) money for them now or in the past. How valuable would that information be? Next, there’s an Adsense targeter; if you run Adsense ads, it can help you find the best websites to run them. A “CPA magnet” system lets you find new, highly converting CPA offers; a “JV Miner” helps you find joint venture partners for high-paying campaigns even before they launch; there’s lots more here, too.

But perhaps the best part: if you buy Keyword Elite through the links on this site, they’ll also give you a full copy of Brad’s SEO Elite software suite (normally priced at about $170 as a separate product that’s reviewed on this site as well) as a free bonus. (Disclosure: you have to take a month’s free membership in their “Elite Club” to get the copy of SEO Elite, but you can cancel the membership at any time during the month, and still keep the software bonus without it costing you a cent. The Elite Club is worth the membership fee too, in our opinion – but that’s another subject for another review.)

Our editors feel that getting the second-best keyword research tool on the market, together with fantastic PPC/Adwords tool and a complete software suite as a bonus – makes this an awfully compelling SEO software product bundle.

PRO: A great tool for AdWords/PPC Marketing, a good SEO suite “thrown in”

CON: Keyword analysis tools not as strong as Market Samurai

8 week free trial with money-back satisfaction guarantee
$97.00 one time purchase

40 hours of training videos and a free copy of SEO Elite, with 30 day free membership to the Search Marketing Elite Club

For more information, or to buy this software, CLICK HERE.


Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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