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best linking service editors choiceDeveloping blog farms has long been known to be a effective, though tedious means of building strong backlinks to a target website. As long as the array of blogs are high quality and already highly ranked themselves, no problem, but who has the time to work on them? Services such as Linkvana have now come along to take much of the tedium out of link building, by already setting up the network or syndicate of blogs and article sites needed to serve as the back web for building your site. In fact, blogs in its network have an average page rank of between 2 and 5, meaning being linked to from them will speed up one’s own climb in the search engines.

Linkvana is a strong service that in many ways makes it unnecessary to buy SEO software. The blog network is highly ranked in and of itself, thus may rapidly cause your website to get indexed faster. The service has also figured out the best rate at which to introduce the links leading to your site. It permits you to “stack” the links created, such that Google will interpret the growth of your back web as being a natural development, and not something artificial that should be “slapped.” In other words, the service conquers the quality aspects of building effective back link traffic, while still using it in a manner that doesn’t trigger negative attention.

Of course, you can build your own manual back links while you are using services like Linkvana, so long as your efforts and the service are not working at cross purposes. If you’re indiscriminately spamming links far and wide, it defeats the whole purpose of using a professional service that’s doing it right. Smarter to utilize the outsourcing capabilities also built into the network to get any extra work done – just pay a fee of two dollars or so for any extra new content you need, and the staff will do it for you. This is much better than a mere automated service or program, because even the best SEO software will not write original articles for you.

The main drawback of the service is the monthly price tag of $147. It’s a stiff commitment, but look at the benefits Linkvana returns for that investment: links coming to you from many different sites, carefully selected for relevance, on different IP addresses, with the links using your keywords as the anchor text. The unique content assures that the heart of your back link network will be properly targeted, relevant and high-quality, as well as impossible to flag as spam. If you think about it, the best way to build a backlink web is to get somebody else do it.

PRO: Excellent network of private blogs, high level of quality-control

CON: High price (but worth it in our opinion)

Unlimited use of the service per month: $147.00

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- Five dollars for a five day trial (often extended to 14 free days – CLICK HERE to see if the 14-day offer is available).
- 50 free credits for blog posts, with your first month’s membership – CLICK HERE.


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