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Market Samurai (Keyword Research)

editors choice software for seoOne of the biggest mistakes made by newcomers to SEO is rushing off to build websites without first doing the proper legwork: properly researching and choosing their keywords. It holds true whether you’re a business owner just trying to optimize your own website, or an internet marketer building a new site every other day: competition for search engine rankings is so difficult, that unless you choose your keywords properly, you’ll constantly be fighting an uphill battle.

That’s why Market Samurai is an indispensible weapon in most serious web marketers’ arsenals, and a no-brainer “editor’s choice” for us. It’s a program that actually thinks like a search engine, letting you pick through an incredible amount of data to find lower-competition keywords – keywords that will allow you to shoot to the top of the rankings in the least amount of time.

Market Samurai is built around an eight-module system: Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, SEO Competition, Domain Finding, Monetization, Content Finding, Content Publishing and Site Promotion. All of the modules are well-constructed and will help you achieve your goals. But make no mistake: the Keyword Research and SEO competition modules in this piece of software are pure gold.

The developers of this program created a system that walks you through what they call the four golden rules of search engine marketing.
- pick the keywords which will fit with your website, while discarding the rest
- choose the keywords from that list, which can deliver a significant amount of traffic to your site
- narrow down those keywords further, to find the ones with real profit potential (and drop the ones that don’t bring “real buyers” to the table
- make sure that the competition for those keywords is acceptable, so that you will be able to move right to the top.

All of the information gathered by Market Samurai is presented in an easy-to-follow grid system;the competition data is even presented with red, yellow and green color-coding to show you which keywords to stay away from, and which ones to go full speed ahead on.

We mentioned the other modules in this program, and they’re pretty powerful as well, helping you find available domains to match your keywords, find new ways to monetize your search campaigns, discover backlink opportunities, track your rankings, and plan your pay-per-click campaign. And the training videos available to help you learn the ins-and-outs of this program are first rate.

But the pure power of Market Samurai is in the easy-to-learn keyword research functions. They’ll put you a step ahead of your competition, and light-years ahead of anyone who hasn’t added this juicy SEO tool to their toolbox.

PRO: An almost unlimited number of features and uses

CON: None – except that the developers and Google are at war. Seriously. Google tries to limit the effectiveness of this tool, and the developers constantly upgrade it to regain the upper hand. That means there are brief periods when Market Samurai isn’t at full power – while an upgrade is being performed. It can be a little annoying, but this tool is worth every minute of downtime; we’d put up with ten times the amount of downtime to keep Market Samurai on our desktop.


14-day free trial
30 day satisfaction guarantee
Single payment: $149.00

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