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SEO Linkvine (Backlink Solutions)

SEO Linkvine is yet another of the growing number of bulk backlink solutions on the market, providing contextual backlinks by taking your articles, with embedded backlinks of course, and posting them on their network of high-quality blogs.

What distinguishes SEO Linkvine, though, is that it provides a number of different types of links for one price: blog commenting, social bookmarking and RSS feeds as well as article submission. This diversifies your links greatly, giving you a better bang for the buck with less chance of the search engines detecting any sort of footprint.

There’s a nice user interface, as we would expect in any product from SEO guru Brad Cullen (and his brother, who created a well-known competitor system in the past). You’re able to easily select exactly where you want your content distributed; the spinning software is built-in and comprehensive, with three automation levels in the thesaurus, giving you unprecedented control over article spinning. And the training center at SEO Linkvine has some of the best video tutorials we’ve seen on a site of this kind.

SEO Linkvine is cheaper than the “big boys” in this category; a major part of the reason may be that they don’t own much of their blog syndication network, but post to other peoples’ blogs. However, the overall system is a good one, and the lower price may be the determining factor for you.

PRO: Good results for less than the other options in this category

CON: The SEO Linkvine blog network is composed of blogs owned by others – so quality control isn’t quite as strong as with the competition who control their own networks.

Unlimited use of the service per month: $67.00

For more information, or to buy this software, CLICK HERE.


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