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top rated seo softwareStart with four top-notch SEO products, integrate them into one suite, and what do you get? In our view, you get what could be the best package every created: our #1 choice for complete SEO software solution: SEO Power Suite. Among other claims to fame, this package is the fastest-growing website promotion software (in terms of sales), as well as the fastest (in terms of results); it also supports more languages and non-English symbols than the competition,

We mentioned the four top-notch products; they are actually stand-alone products produced by the same company, which have been melded into a terrific package. The individual software products are SEO SpyGlass, Link Assistant, Rank Tracker and WebSite Auditor; they’re for sale individually, but in our view there’s no reason to pick and choose. In SEO Power Suite, they’re all joined together at a terrific price, by a great interface complete with built-in wizards, allowing you to get to work as soon as you download SEO Power Suite.

For more detail on what each element of SEO Power Suite can do:

Rank Tracker is the suite’s full keyword research program, allowing you to find the perfect keywords for your SEO campaigns. The program allows you to search based on more than a dozen keyword tools; or it will help you analyze the competition’s keywords in order to beat them at their own game. You’ll be able to analyze each keyword by competition parameters and number of searches, and after you start your campaigns, Rank Tracker tracks all of your rankings and changes in SERPS for unlimited keywords combinations.

WebSite Auditor is a simple-to-use, deceptively powerful program that will help you optimize your sites, analyzing all of your site’s pages and giving you a report that shows you every detail that needs to be fixed in order to feed the search engines exactly what they want to see. From simple mistakes like forgetting to include meta tags, to coding errors, to dreaded “duplicate content” – you’ll be shown exactly what to change before promoting your site. And this isn’t just “textbook” stuff; SEO Power Suite finds the top ten websites that rank for your desired keywords – analyzes their pages – and then tells you to do exactly what will be needed to challenge and outrank those sites.

SEO SpyGlass helps you optimize the most important off-site ingredient of SEO work: link building. It will let you quickly and easily check out your competition’s backlinks – everything from their link sources, to their anchor text, to title keyword density, and lots more. This lets you plan your backlining attack, “stealing” the competition’s backlinking strategy – or improving upon it. It’s all done for you in mere moments, and can be printed to produce a complete backlink action plan.

LinkAssistant then helps you execute that strategy. The software finds link partners with all-important relevant content and high rankings; contacts them directly to ask for trades (via a built in mail client); maintains your own link directory and monitors your link popularity and link trades 24 hours a day. Want to be certain to protect your site with A-B-C or A-B-C-D link trades? This baby handles them without breaking a sweat.

There’s lots more under the hood as well, including a function that monitors your social media popularity; another that lets you check backlinks for IP and possible black hat techniques, and many more. All of your crucial SEO functions are handled without leaving a single footprint – and it’s all white hat – so you run no risk of offending the “search engine gods.” And even while you sleep, SEO Power Suite is hard at work, monitoring all of the engines every 12 minutes, to make sure you’re up to date with the very latest algorithms. Feature updates? They’re free for life.

In addition to the free trial version of this software, you can choose between the Professional version, which handles your own sites, or the ultra-powerful Enterprise version, which allows you to take on other SEO clients as well. Whichever version you choose, we don’t think you can go wrong; we believe that SEO Power Suite is the best value among all of the full-featured SEO packages.

PRO: Unique and exclusive features, highest speed, top quality individual modules

CON: Price, particularly for enterprise edition (but we believe the price is worth it)



30 day free trial with money-back satisfaction guarantee
Professional Version: $249.00 one time purchase (upgradable to enterprise edition)
Enterprise Edition: $599.00 one time purchase

More specifics and free download – CLICK HERE.


Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

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