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SEO Profiler (Complete SEO Solutions)

If you’ve been looking for a full-featured SEO suite that doesn’t require mastering a huge piece of software, meet SEO Profiler. This robust all-in-one solution handles web page optimization, keyword research, link building research, rank checking, PPC campaign optimization, and prints full reports – from a web-based interface. You just log in, and you can do it all without installing a thing. We found it a terrific alternative to the seo software suites we’ve reviewed elsewhere on this site.

We’ll start with SEO Profiler’s competitive intelligence module. At a glance, you can see the most important backlink information about any of your competitors, including newest links, trusted domains linking in, anchor text, and strongest backlinks. You can download an excel spreadsheet that shows 30,000 of the site’s links, along with detailed information about each link. You can see or download their keywords and search engine listings, and see the other sites that compete for the same keywords. You can even spy on their PPC campaigns in amazing detail, learning how many ads they’re running, viewing or downloading them for analysis. There are certainly software-based solutions that provide a lot of this information, but the sheer breadth of the information and its availability online is terrific.

The keyword analysis module with its keyword research tools lets you do what you’d expect: find and evaluate new keywords, evaluate the difficulty of ranking and check out the competition, see the keywords your competitors use in their PPC campaigns. All of those tools are solid and efficient. But it also has a very cool set of tools that lets you compare your keywords with successful PPC keywords and create targeted keyword lists for your Adwords flights. Again, you do it all online through SEO Profiler’s easy to use dashboard.

One of the most unique features of SEO Profiler is its link manager, which allows you to handle both your inbound and outbound links. You can search for new backlinks by keyword or category, by looking at your competitors’ links, you can even import potential link partners’ URLs as you surf the web. And once you have a target list, the link manager gives you all sorts of information about the site, its profile, even detailed contact information to make requesting the link as easy as possible. There’s also a current link optimizer that suggests changes in anchor text, or eliminating links from bad neighborhoods.

Other features include a website optimizer, which will retrieve and evaluate the pages that rank in the top ten for your keywords, and make suggestions on how to best change your pages to rank more highly. There’s a powerful rank analyzer and monitor, to continually keep track of your search engine rankings and those of the competition. And there are 25 different white label reports you can print, either for your own use or to give to your SEO clients under your own logo or letterhead.

If it sounds like we were impressed with SEO Profiler, it’s because we were. It takes all the attributes of a strong SEO software suite, and makes them all available online through its intuitive control panel, meaning you’ll be up and running as soon as you log in with almost no learning curve. It’s pricey, with six-month packages priced around the same level as you’d pay to own the equivalent software. But for many, the convenience will be well worth the price.

PRO: Comprehensive set of tools, easy web-based interface, terrific white label report capability.

CON: Price of six months’ service is equal to the price of standalone SEO software.

30 day satisfaction guarantee
Six month subscription: $249.95 for personal or business use, $499.95 for SEO agencies (higher-level package includes white label reports and much more online capacity)



Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Ease of Use

  1. Johannes Selbach
    April 5th, 2012 at 04:24 | #1


    actually, SEOprofiler does not cost more than stand-alone SEO software.

    Standalone SEO software products usually charge for search engine definition updates and the price for SEOprofiler becomes lower after six months.

    For that reason, SEOprofiler does not cost more than standalone SEO software.

    The advantage of SEOprofiler is that it can be used from any device (Macs, Windows PC, iPad, etc.) and that it offers many features that are sold for a higher price on other sites.

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