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The Best Spinner (Spinners)

editors choice software for seoThe Best Spinner was introduced to the Internet marketing community in 2010, and it has quickly established itself as the best SEO software programs of its kind. TBS quickly and easily takes an article and rewrites (spins) it to create an unlimited number of different versions, needed for submission to article directories, blogs, or other websites which require unique content. Moreso than any of its competition, The Best Spinner automatically makes suggestions for replacing the original language with alternate phrases that are both readable (not gibberish) and distinct enough to qualify as unique content.

Here’s how it works:

You start with an article, of course. Then The Best Spinner analyzes the content, using its built-in thesaurus, to come up with suggestions for alternate phrases; it then underlines all of the words it can manipulate without violating the meaning or flow of the sentences. To see what a spun article looks like, you just click on the “spin article” button. You can then accept the changes, make manual edits, or spin again.

This makes spinning dozens of articles, and submitting them to dozens of sites and directories, not only easier than it ever – but actually doable. Not only are cumbersome manual spinners a thing of the past, but The Best Spinner’s thesaurus has the ability to learn your writing style and new words/synonyms, to make the entire process easier every time you use the program. There’s also the option to tap into the entire database created by all users of the program, by paying an ongoing small fee for access to the rapidly-growing synonym database system.

Whether you take advantage of that extra feature or not, we love the program’s ability to take a crucial task and make it just about as easy as anyone could imagine. The Best Spinner is an inexpensive and – from our view – indispensable tool in just about every SEO or internet marketing toolkit.

PRO: Industry standard, strong and powerful tool with great training videos

CON: Recurring fees

30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
$7.00 for 7 days, then $77.00 per year
Five extra bonuses: ebooks, reports and PLRs

For more information, or to buy this software, CLICK HERE.


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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