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Web CEO (Complete SEO Solutions)

There are SEO software suites, and then there’s the granddaddy of all the comprehensive solutions, Web CEO. Among all-in-one tools, this is just about the original attempt to bring all web page optimization functions under one roof. Like any other bundle programs of this type, it can handle multiple personal or client sites. It’s a little dated, and not quite as robust as some of its newer competitors – but it’s still a strong, complete package.

When you buy SEO software this comprehensive, expect a lot of applications. Web CEO carries 12 different tools including modules for keyword popularity research, live traffic analysis, SEO, search engine submission, website ranking checker, link popularity analyzer, project auditor, webpage editor, FTP upload manager, and website monitoring. You can use them for just about every SEO task imaginable, from research to optimization and promotion.

You start with the keyword and competitive analysis tools in Web CEO, which let you find the right keywords for your project, check out the competition to create your promotion gameplan, and find the most lucrative way to monetize your keywords. Website optimization is next, with the software creating a detailed and easy-to-implement report on the changes you should make on your site’s pages to satisfy search engine spiders. What’s unique here, is that you can do all of the necessary work – making the changes, uploading the new pages via FTP, and submitting to search engines – from inside the Web CEO software interface.

As for promotion, the built-in tools allow you to find the best linking partners, evaluate their sites, and request link trades – again, all within the CEO software. You’ll be able to track and analyze all of the incoming links (as well as your competition) and get regular and complete ranking reports on all of your sites and keywords, with the push of a button. You can even integrate your paid search campaigns into the Web CEO interface, for a true one-stop solution.

Would we choose Web CEO as our complete SEO management package? Probably not, particularly since we would want an Enterprise version (to manage our own sites) but only a higher-priced Professional version (allowing you to manage clients’ sites as well, and print out custom reports) is available. But we can see why many people have sworn by this program – and why they continue to do so.

PRO: Better traffic analysis features, online training program

CON: No “consumer” version, only higher-priced professional version; has most of the major features of higher-rated software but not as many options and variations; doesn’t run on Mac OS X


30 day free trial with money-back satisfaction guarantee
Professional Suite: $499.00 + optional services
For more information, or for a free download of this software, CLICK HERE.


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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